Ori Toor

Ori Toor’s design for Adobe Illustrator’s 2018 splash screen

Ori Toor is an illustrator that I’ve been following for a while. I thought it would be fun to share his work given his dynamic approach to composition. Although we will be working primarily with text on this next project, Ori Toor’s work shows a lot of different ways you can split up the space. His work is very much rooted in design. He puts together basic shapes in unique ways, creating pieces that have been showcased in several magazines (and the Adobe software!).

For a look into more of his art, his website is here.

Brand New Highlights

Apostle Digital branding by Mubien studio, as featured on Brand New

These featured Brand New projects (including the image shown) display a couple strong examples of creative branding. I thought I’d post this Brand New article because these projects largely focus on type–something that we’ve been focusing on a lot lately. Each project is heavily dependent on their respective typefaces, and the way in which they implement them successfully fits the brand they are designing for. Also, most of these typefaces are serif, which we have not yet worked much with. The link to the article is here!


&Walsh branding for Parle Agro

&Walsh is a design firm run by Jessica Walsh. The firm primarily focuses on branding and advertisement design. I thought that it would be useful to post their work because they have some very creative solutions to a variety of branding briefs. In particular, they have a lot of projects that focus on typography and the importance of type in branding. You can click here for a link to the site! They’ve also been featured on Brand New.