Project 2

Feb 11–Mar 19
Portfolio of Poetry
Collaboration with poet Ahmad Almallah, Lecturer in Arabic and Creative Writing at Penn, and Common Press to interpret, design and print a limited edition portfolio of poetry.

Poetry Portfolio Project Description

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The Grand Design, First Principles, Robert Bringhurst

The Font of Poetry, the Poetry of Font, Adrienne Raphel, The Paris Review

Project Focus: The Poetry of the Typography of Poetry, Joel Friedlander, The Book Designer

Poetry Typography, Pinterest (visual research)
Wyndham Lewis, (visual research)



Letter setting diagram
UbuWeb Visual Poetry
On Brand: The Poetry Foundation’s New Look, Michael Bierut
Blast Magazine, Konstantina Yiannakopoulou

Whitman posters and Rain setting


Contemporary artist, Lawrence Weiner.  Words in space…

The five pages printed before spring break and the switch to online/remote classes: