Steve Jobs & Typography

Most people know Steve Jobs for co-founding Apple and revolutionizing technology. However, in doing so he also brought something to computers that is often overlooked. He gave Macintosh users the ability to choose between a variety of fonts.

The fonts that Steve Jobs added on the Mac

The idea that computers used to come with only one font to choose from was shocking to me, and I can credit this luxury to Steve Jobs.

Just a small portion of the fonts available now

Not only did he include well known fonts like Helvetica and Times New Roman, but he used fonts unknown to the public. With the help of Susan Kare, he took the typefaces he learned in a college art class, named them after his favorite cities, and offered them on the new Apple computer.

Microsoft WordArt

I remember using all the WordArt (see above) Microsoft word had when I was barely in elementary school. It’s weird to think there was ever a time when you needed to hire an artist to create the font you wanted, but if you want to look at the article you can read more about it here.

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