Hello | Project 1

Welcome to Practicum 2020

In the first project you’ll be conducting research and developing visual identities for a group of emerging companies as part of the Penn UPstart Program. Jamie Sweet, Programming Manager, PCI Ventures will introduce the project at 3pm January 16.

A summary of PCI company descriptions is here. Full descriptions are below:

Enteropass_Design Brief
Trefo_Design Brief_
Cartio Therapeutics_Design Brief
Cerespectus_Design Brief
Exio Biosciences Inc_Design Brief
Neuralert_Design Brief
Neurokappa_Design Brief

Before that we’ll start an exercise that relates designing to gift giving:

* Interview a partner. Go beyond the surface. Listen carefully to what is said and unsaid.
* Discuss The Gift, Clive Dilnot, and other essays for Jan 21
* Design a gift that you feel would recognize them and present to your partner at start of class January 28.

Readings: (for discussion Jan 21): The Gift, Clive Dilnot; Brand New Worlds, Blauvelt; What is a Designer? Potter; Design and Identity, Adrian Forty.

GD Reading 2020: a brief bibliography for graphic design and typography studies


Samples of work from prior classes:

* Practicum 2019 Penn Museum

Final presentation: Penn Museum Library Redesign

* Practicum 2019 Year End Show

* Practicum Selected Projects 2019

* Practicum Mkt Presentation

* Fisher Library Documentation

* Penn Center for Innovation Branding

* Rebel Ventures Packaging
Rebel Ventures is an organization that promotes healthy eating in collaboration with Philadelphia Public Schools

PennDesign Year End Show
Exhibition design for Architecture, Landscape, Planning and Preservation final projects
More photos here.

* Teachers Institute of Philadelphia Branding and website

LGBTQ Employees at Penn Branding

* Practicum-selected 2016

+ + + + + + + + + + ++
Create an Adobe ID Password:

  1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud application.
  2. Click on Get an Adobe ID.
  3. Review the Terms of use, enter your information, then click on Sign up.Or
  1. Go to https://www.adobe.com/
  2. Click on the Sign In link.
  3. Click on the “Get an Adobe ID” link.
  4. Review the Terms of Use, then fill in the required information, and click on Sign up.

+ + + + + + + + + + ++

GD Reading List 2020
Typographic Posters
Typographic Work
Pentagram Media Lab logo animation
Adobe Typekit  (log on with Adobe ID)
Helvetica Opening
Brand New
Joe Finocchiaro Design
Hoefler & Co.
Frere-Jones Typography

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